At some point in the process of adorning your home, you may find yourself asking, "What else can I use?" Since you've already hung as many pictures as you can stand and bought more candles than a small town boutique combined, what else can you do to make your house more cozy and inviting?

We know how difficult it can be, so we compiled this list of must-have home decor items from Wayfair based on our own personal experience. When we need to fill out an empty arrangement or a room that's looking too barren, we look to this list for ideas.


The softness of a rug underfoot is incomparable. It's impossible to find a more welcoming and cozy floor covering than these. Rugs, which can be found in an almost infinite variety of designs, colors, and materials, have been used as decorative accents for countless centuries. Ancient carpets are frequently treasured possessions that are handed down from generation to generation. Buy now.


Vases are incredibly common household items, so if you have one, you're in excellent company. Vases have been around for longer than most other decorative home accessories. It is believed that the first vases were created in ancient Greece and were used for storing food, medicine, oils, and water. Ancient Greek culture can be better understood thanks to the images and carvings found on vases that date back to around 5000 B.C. Shop here.

Closet Organizer

How often do people find themselves without adequate closet space? People are constantly on the lookout for new storage solutions because they tend to accumulate more and more stuff over time. The necessity of storage led to the idea of storage as a design element, wherein the systems not only maintain our items' organisation but also add visual appeal to our living spaces. Furniture and storage containers that thoughtfully combine form and function are used to achieve this goal.

One of the most popular storage solutions is closet organisers, which can come in a wide variety of shelf, drawer, and unit configurations to accommodate anything from scarves to snow boots. It's not uncommon for these storage solutions to be easily modified and expanded as a family's needs evolve, or as that extra 25 pairs of shoes are added. Buy now.


Artwork is one of the most common and flexible decor items, as it can range from expensive museum pieces to homemade crayon drawings by the kids. You can find or make a work of art that complements your home's decor no matter what your personal tastes are or how you've chosen to decorate.

Attempting to create a contemporary atmosphere? Think about a large, colourful painting or a sculpture made of metal to hang on the wall. Consider a classic landscape painting or a porcelain or ceramic sculpture to complement your traditional home. Classical reprints and religious artefacts such as the Christian cross, the Star of David, and jade or rosewood Buddha figurines never go out of style.

Art is wonderful because it allows you to personalise your space with pieces that no one else has. Shop now.

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