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You should read our Terms and Conditions carefully. Due to the fact, that they explain your responsibilities and rights concerning our website. It may also contain other terms and conditions for the use of the Steamy Trends website. Remember to focus on our legally binding list of terms explained below. 

This may also include information about our website, including information about your use and the related services we provide to you. Please read the Terms of Use carefully as you are responsible for all terms and conditions by arrangement.


The Terms of Use are legally enforceable agreements between you and us. Please do not access or use any part of the Site if you do not agree to be bound by the Terms of Use. These Terms of Use contain a binding arbitration agreement that requires some issues to be resolved through binding individual arbitration and waives the right to have such matters decided by a judge or jury. It's okay if you don't want to participate in our arbitration. For more information, see the "Procedures" section of the Terms of Use.

By being specific and honest about how and why we gather and utilize personal information, we hope to give you control over your personal information. You are a product rather than a customer. This User Agreement covers your rights and responsibilities when accessing, viewing, and/or using the Steamy Trends Service. Even if they are linked to through the Service, this User Agreement does not apply to websites, apps, destinations, or other offerings that we do not own or control.

If there is a conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions of this User Agreement and any other terms and/or conditions applicable to the Service, we will decide in our sole discretion which rules, restrictions, limitations, terms, and/or conditions will control and prevail, and you expressly waive any right to challenge or dispute that decision.


We want to offer our users a positive online experience.Thus we may monitor activities on the Service to ensure compliance with the Agreement. You hereby expressly consent to such monitoring. Nonetheless, we make no representations, warranties, covenants, or guarantees that: 

  1. The Service, or any portion thereof, will be monitored for accuracy or unacceptable use
  2. Apparent statements of fact will be authenticated
  3. In the event of a challenge or dispute regarding compliance or non-compliance with the Agreement, we will take any specific action (or any action at all).

Because we do not normally pre-screen Content before it is posted, published, transmitted, sent, or otherwise made accessible on or through the Service by users, you may be exposed to Content that is controversial, offensive, or inappropriate, including Content that violates the Agreement.

Complaint Policy

Remember that by using the publicly accessible areas of the Service, you may be exposed to content that is stubborn, offensive, and/or inappropriate, including content that may violate the Agreement. It is important to note that not all of this content is feasible. You may not use the Service to resolve a personal dispute or file complaints against other users.


We may require you to register for certain Products, such as contests and surveys, and/or to make purchases, or register and/or set up an account/profile to access, visit, and/or use certain portions of the Service, or the Service as a whole, in which case you may be provided with, or required to choose, a password and/or User ID, and you may be required to provide credit, debit, or payment account number, or other payment information, as well as your name.

You agree, represent, warrant, covenant, and guarantee that all Registration Information you give is true, accurate, complete, up-to-date, and yours alone. When registering and/or creating an account/profile on the Service, you may not impersonate, imitate, or claim to be someone else. If any of your Registration Information changes, you must quickly update it by using the mechanism or contact information provided on the Service to edit or update your Registration Information, if one is available.

We reserve the right to remove, change or re-process any password and/or user ID provided to you, any avatar you may use, or other registration information at any time with or without notice, or to change the means or methods of access for portions of the Service, the Service as a whole;   or certain products.


You authorize us and our third-party service providers and request us and our third-party service providers to retain such information and charge all fees for that payment method if you provide credit, debit, or payment account number or other payment information when you register at the time of purchase or otherwise.


Although you are free to discuss topics of interest to you and the Service may provide general content and products relating to a variety of topics, such as medical, health, legal, tax, or financial difficulties, you should not rely on the Service for individual advice on these matters. 

The products and content available on or through this service are not intended for and should not be construed as (a) Constitute professional medical, health, legal, tax, or financial advice; (b) Recommend, approve or advise any financial instrument or investment. (C) Diagnose, cure or treat any medical, health, or other diseases.

Rules to Use

  1. Users under the age of 18 are expressly prohibited from using the Service, registering for products such as contests or surveys, making purchases, or registering for any aspect of the Service, and in doing so, you represent, warrant, and warrant that you are 18 years of age or older. 
  2. If you provide us with a device number or if we receive device identification for a device you are using, you accept, represent, warrant, oblige and warrant that the device is registered in your name and belongs to you or that you have the permission(s) of the device owner.
  3. You must ensure that the Device, as well as any other equipment, hardware, software, products, or services you use to access, visit, or use the Service, do not disrupt or interfere with our operation of the Service, or impede or interfere with the access, visitation, or use of the Service by others.
  4. You acknowledge that we have not reviewed the Content or Products available on or through sites, applications, destinations, or services linked to or accessible from this Service and that we are not responsible for the Content, Products, or actions of any other sites, applications, destinations, or services.
  5. You agree, represent, warrant, covenant, and guarantee that you are not located in a country that is subject to a United States embargo or has been designated by the United States as a "terrorist supporting" country; and (ii) you are not listed on any United States government list of prohibited or restricted parties.
  6. The organization, design, compilation, and "look and feel" of the Service, as well as all advertising thereon, are protected by local, state, federal, provincial, national, international, and foreign copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws, rules, and regulations, and are the property of us or such authorized Third Party Providers.


You agree to hold us harmless from and against any claims arising out of or related to your access, visit, and/or use of the Service, your Content, unauthorized use of the Content or Products obtained on or through the Service, the breach or alleged breach of the Agreement, or any of your acts or omissions in connection with the Service.

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