Here is a list of essential items for those interested in a digital nomad lifestyle or extended travel in general. But if you only travel during certain times of the year, the following items will prove invaluable.

It really doesn't matter if you're a nomad by trade and spend most of your time away from home, or if you take frequent short business trips and use weekend getaways to recharge your batteries but save trips to far-flung exotic locales for your annual vacation.

The importance of travel is emphasized here. Plus, the trip will be relaxing and enjoyable.

To that end, I have compiled a list of the most essential and useful travel accessories.

You'll find the top travel gear (including the must-have and best travel gear) as well as the top traveler accessories (including cool and unique travel accessories) and travel gadgets (including the must-have and best travel gadgets).


You'll be using your phone a lot more on your trip, whether it's to check in for flights, find attractions and restaurants, get directions, chat with loved ones back home, or snap hundreds of photos. All of this uses up battery life, and it's inconvenient to have to take time out of your sightseeing schedule to plug in your phone. To top it all off, you can never be sure that you'll be near an electrical outlet.

That's why it's smart to carry a battery pack wherever you go. Portable battery packs store energy for later use and are generally affordable. Get one that won't just charge your phone once and then die; you should invest in one that can do that at least a few times.

Plastic Bags

Bringing a plastic bag is the one item I can't leave home without. Are you in need of a shoe bag for your muddy footwear? Carry-all with a plastic bag inside. Do you wish to divide your dirty clothes from your clean ones? To carry around in a plastic bag.

Though they may not be the most stylish item, plastic or trash bags can come in handy on the road and won't take up much room in your suitcase.

Universal Plug Adapter

Most likely, you are already aware of this. I'm going to remind you anyway: bring an adapter plug for your electronics when you travel internationally. Because electrical outlets in the United States are larger than those in most other countries, an adapter is required whenever electrical appliances are to be used abroad.

You could try to buy one there, but they may be difficult to find and prohibitively expensive. To avoid unnecessary delays and costs, prepare ahead of time and bring one along.


While taking a bus tour or riding the subway can be loads of fun, keep in mind that these public spaces aren't always spotless. Hygiene is especially important when travelling because you will frequently be touching "high-touch" objects like remote controls, light switches, telephones, doorknobs, faucet handles, and so on.

You shouldn't assume that you'll always have access to water to wash your hands, so you should always have some towelettes on hand. Furthermore, small wipes should pass through airport security without a hitch.

Reusable Water Bottle

In order to stay hydrated while walking for long distances, whether in a city or on a daylong hike in the wilderness, you should stop every few hours to drink water. Some places don't have easy access to water, and some climates can be extremely hot and humid, so packing a refillable water bottle is always a good idea.

You could always buy water bottles at your destination, but it can be pricey in touristy areas or hotels, and supermarkets and convenience stores aren't always easily accessible, especially in more remote or forested areas.

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