It won't be long until the Labor Day weekend. This weekend is ideal for winding down and recharging as we say goodbye to summer. We've compiled a list of ideas for those of you who plan to spend the holiday weekend at home this year. Here are five suggestions for a wonderful long weekend, ranging from fun things to do in the great outdoors to making the most of your home's open layout.

Make A Movie Night Of It In Your Backyard

Watching a film with loved ones under the summer sky is one of life's great pleasures. Make your own movie night experience complete by setting up a concession stand complete with miniature bags of popcorn, flavored butter, soda, and candy. What a fantastic idea, to save money by making your own snacks for the home theatre! For a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere, choose a movie projector and set up a screen, or simply pin up a white sheet. Put too much thought into where people will sit, and it will stress you out. Blankets, camping chairs, sleeping bags, and lawn chairs are all acceptable as seating options. It's time to round out the setup with some supplementary elements now that you have food, a screen, and seats. Put up some lanterns and lights to make your backyard more inviting. You can dress up or down depending on whether you're having an adult-only screening or a family-friendly party. There's no shortage of movies to watch in the backyard on Labor Day.

Throw A Barbeque Party

Without a barbeque, a summer holiday weekend is just another weekend. Before Daylight Saving Time takes away your long, sunny evenings, make the most of your backyard. Prepare a toppings bar with all the family's favorites and fire up the grill for some hotdogs and burgers. Make the grownups a special Labor Day cocktail with fresh fruit. Bring the celebration to a close with a homemade ice cream dessert. If you want to make ice cream at home, you can either buy an ice cream maker online or use the "ice cream in a bag" method, which calls for just a few simple ingredients. It will be easy to work together in the open kitchen for the event.

Take On A House Project

If you're lucky enough to get a bonus day off, you probably want to maximize your leisure time. While working on a house might not be as restful as lounging by the pool, the end result is always satisfying. Your new house is tailored to your lifestyle, but you may have had plans to install a closet organizer for the kids or convert an unused corner of your kitchen into a storage cubby for their school supplies. Get started on one or two tasks that you know you can finish by Monday at the latest.

Make Plans For A Parade Through The Streets 

A parade is a must on holiday weekends. Instead of fighting your way through the throngs of people at a town parade, why not organize your own, isolated celebration? If you live near excellent schools, it's likely that many of your neighbors either have kids or would enjoy participating in an outing geared toward families. Plan a secure route, distribute invitations, and get everyone's bicycles, wagons, and scooters ready to parade down the street in celebration. Create a glittered sign, throw candy to onlookers, play instruments, and finish the route with an outdoor potluck or barbecue.

Backyard Camping

Having access to a kitchen, bathroom, and running water while camping is the best possible setup. Throw open the doors to a fantastic trip before summer ends. You can have all the fun of camping without leaving your backyard if you set up a tent and spread out some sleeping bags. Campfires are for more than just cooking hot dogs and marshmallows.

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