Taking care of your face is the only way to keep it looking young. But sometimes the face starts to show signs of aging before it should.

This is one of the most important beauty concerns for women in their thirties or getting close to them. In your 30s, your skin is still too young to get fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, cracks, or become loose.

Most of us know how to deal with a face that looks old before its time, but we don't know much about what causes a face to look old before its time. So, here is our list of the 7 main reasons why the face ages faster than it should.

1. Damage From The Sun

The sun's rays do a lot of damage to the face. The sun's UVA and UVB rays not only make us tan but also cause free radicals to form. When you have free radicals on your face, the skin cells start to get loose. Collagen is less effective when skin cells are loose.

Collagen is a natural protein in the body that keeps skin tight and young by holding cells together. Its lower potential makes the skin get looser. Skin that is too loose gets wrinkles and fine lines right away. The pH level of the skin is also changed by free radicals, which makes the skin more vulnerable.

2. Dryness

Moisturizing has always been thought of as the first step that must be taken for skin to look healthy and beautiful. When skin doesn't get enough moisture, it starts to get dry.

When the epidermal cells on the face are dry, they get stiff. So, when the dry, itchy skin is stretched or scratched, it gets deep lines, cracks, and wrinkles that are hard to deal with. So, not moisturizing your face every day is one of the main reasons why it ages faster than it should.

3. Smoking

Not only does smoking cause cancer, but it also makes people age twice as fast. Smoking makes more free radicals and makes antioxidants work less well and make less of them.

Antioxidants make collagen, which keeps the skin looking young. Free radicals, on the other hand, raise the level of toxicity, which makes collagen less effective and also makes it less likely to form. This causes the skin to get loose, which leads to wrinkles around the face and lips and fine lines all over the forehead and around the eyes.

4. Changes In The Weather And Pollution 

When the pH level of the skin gets too low, it hurts the health of the cells on the face. Pollution hurts the skin on your face every day by exposing it to smoke and other toxins that hurt the skin.

Free radicals are made when these toxins get into the body. In the same way, when the weather changes all the time, the face sometimes gets dry and sometimes gets oily. The skin gets very dry and cracked in the winter, and it gets sweaty in the summer and monsoon.

The pH level of the face is changed by these changes, which is bad for cell health. The result is that fine lines and wrinkles show up at a very young age.

5. Bad Eating Habits

 A healthy diet is very important to keep and speed up the body's metabolic rate. The metabolism is affected when all the body gets to eat are empty calories and simple complex carbs.

For cells to stay healthy, the body needs vitamins, minerals, and proteins. When your metabolism slows down, blood flow slows down, which makes less oxygen reach your face. This makes the face look old before it should.

6. Alcohol

Anything that makes the body less hydrated and makes it more toxic is a big reason why people's faces age faster than they should. Alcohol decreases antioxidants, increases free radicals, shrinks healthy, hydrated skin cells, and changes the pH level of the skin, including the face.

All of these things make aging happen twice as fast. When skin is like this, deep cracks form. Soon, those deep cracks will become lines and wrinkles.

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