Necklaces are among our favourite jewellery styles for this year. From spring to winter, these popular necklace pendant types may be worn all year.
One of the most essential overall trends that will continue into this year is layering. When it comes to necklaces, the more the merrier applies to anything from simple staggered pendants to several chaotic layers. Trending metals include anything from a yellow gold renaissance to the tried and true white gold and sterling silver. 


Charm necklaces have returned to popularity, and they're better than ever. When it comes to emotional jewellery, charms are the best way to express oneself. Tell your tale with one-of-a-kind tokens and jewels that represent your hobbies and passions.


Scarf season is approaching quickly. The neck piece is often only worn for a quarter of the year, but its jewelry-adjacent counterpart is challenging the convention. When the weather isn't cooperating with extra hygge, keep the look wrapped with these elegant wrap necklaces. New looks from crowd-pleasers like Etro and Isabel Marant, as well as obscure designers like Iosselliani and Pearl Octopuss. y, are all over social media. To be honest, we're already thinking about the holidays, when any of these options would look great layered over a little black dress or a festive ensemble.


Personalized jewelery (birth year necklaces, nameplates, and astrological pendants) is making a comeback this season, and zodiac styles are becoming more refined. Celebrities ranging from Hailey Bieber to Meghan Markle have been seen wearing their signs around their necks to help usher in this new era, and they are truly the only co-sign we require. KatMojoJewelry’s artisan-crafted Spinner Medallion offers rarity seekers. Natural diamonds weighing 34 carats that move around the zodiac chart to land on your sign. Alternatively, the gold pendant from Bagatiba or the Constellation pendant from Brilliant Earth can be worn discreetly to show off your star sign.


Somewhere in the midst of lockdown, the fashion set discovered the spiritual healing properties of certain crystals—oh, and that they're lovely to wear. Stones and diamonds are seeing a renaissance in the jewellery industry. There are simply too many stone variations, designs, and forms to choose from, but here are some of our current favourite likes gems, including this necklace, which includes the brand's unique Scarab emblem carved out of opal. Rachel Quinn's carved heart necklace is made of rose quartz, which is said to be the stone of unconditional love. Keep it close to your chest to increase your amorous mood.


Though we still adore the layered aesthetic, a flat herringbone chain is a clear wear as the winning ‘everyday’ piece among these trends. This necklace is named after the slanted bones of herringbone fish. Flexible chains move with a fluidity that drapes beautifully over one’s collarbone for a spectacular, yet sleek look. Although we’re sticking to the classic flat chain with short, gold outlines, updated pieces from Bottega Veneta and Pamela Love add a fascinating twist with a unique texture and varied hardware.

Feminine Form

When Chloe’s Femininities emblem was first released, it quickly sold out. Gabriella Hearst, the brand’s artistic director, linked a goddess motif onto a simple chain, highlighting fashion’s potential to empower the female form. Soft forms sculpted from hard solid gold depict the relationship between power and femininity. What is the final product? An heirloom-quality talisman that can be passed down through the generations of women. Opt for a contemporary approach from young female jewelry like Anissa Kermiche or Noir Bloom instead of a Chloe original.

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