A lot of people want to curl their hair, especially if they have straight hair. There are a lot of people who want to have big, luscious curls like that. Flat irons and curling irons, for example, can do a lot of damage to your hair if you use them. So, is there a way to curl your hair that won't cause it to break? There is good news for you: There is. One of these no-heat curling tricks will make your hair look beautiful and healthy.

Overnight Braids

In this way, you can get loose curls quickly. Make sure your hair is mostly dry before you go to bed. Put it into a few loose braids. Take your hair out of the braids when you wake up. Then use a wide brush or comb to separate the curls. To avoid having a lot of uncurled hair, just braid your hair as close to the bottom as possible.

Rollers For Your Hair

There are hair rollers. If you had curly hair back then, these rollers were what you used to get the look. They're still very useful today. The first thing you need to do is take a shower. Wait until your hair is about 80% dry, and then roll it up in sections with the hair rollers. A sheet or scarf can help keep your hair together while you sleep. 

Morning: Untie and comb your hair to separate all of its curls.


It is very easy to curl your hair overnight with a headband that looks like this one. In this method, you don't make tight rolls as much as you make loose waves. Put on a stretchy headband like you normally would. This is how you do it. To do this, take a few strands of hair and loop them over the headband as many times as necessary for your hair length. Your hair should be free from the headband when you wake up, so you can comb your fingers through it to separate the curls.

T-Shirt Hair Halo

These curls look a lot more like rings than gentle waves when you use this method. It's kind of like when you use a headband. Take a t-shirt and twist it until it looks like a rope. To make a rope, tie both ends together with a hair tie. Put it on your head. Once that's done, pull up a section of hair and wrap that section of hair around the halo from the front. Remove the halo when it's dry, and then it's time to wind it up again. Use your fingers to separate the curls so that they don't get squashed and lose their shape.


You can make twists with toilet paper, a pipe cleaner, clean baby wipes, or makeup wipes that aren't too dirty. If your hair is long and thick, this isn't the best way to do it. If your hair is short and thin, you might get overwhelmed by the amount of work. Start by twisting the bottom of your hair. Then, take a small piece of hair and twist it. Tie the twist when you reach the height where you want your curl to start. Repeat this all over your hair. Allow it to dry on its own, or use a hair dryer on the no-heat setting to dry. Do away with all of your twists and run your fingers through the curls to separate them. In this way, you can make anything from very tight curls to very loose waves.

The French Braid

There are many ways to curl your hair with a French braid. A normal braid only curls your hair from the nape of your neck down, but a French braid can even curl close to your scalp. For the best results, make sure you do two French braids, one on each side. If you don't, you might get an uneven curl that only goes along the middle of your scalp.


Even though heat styling is a quick and easy way to get curls, you might not want to do it every day. Instead, you should try out some other options that don't get hot from time to time. What do you think? You might find that one of these is better than the rest. People who are good at styling their hair may already know how to do this, or they can learn quickly.

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