Modern drinks are much more than a necessity for the body. We drink water to survive, coffee to stay alert, cocktails to feel refreshed, and soda to relax. Different drinks affect our moods and give us new and unique experiences, both socially and at home. So, try as many drinks as possible.

There are many options for quenching thirst on a hot summer day. Instead of beer or wine, try iced tea. There are many things to consider when trying this drink. National Iced Tea Day is dedicated to the discovery and enjoyment of iced tea; make the most of it now.

On a hot summer day, nothing quenches thirst and relaxes like iced tea. Hot tea is delicious and a great drink for most situations, but it's not ideal for picnics because it cools quickly. Instead, try versatile and refreshing alternatives. Sweet tea is popular in the South, but it's just one type of iced tea.

Iced Tea Day's History

Iced Tea recipes date to the 1870s, but it didn't become popular until 1904. The World's Fair and the summer heat contributed to this. Iced Tea was being served, and fairgoers drank it en masse. Soon, it was being served in tall glasses called iced-tea glasses. You know a drink has come into its own when iced-tea spoons and lemon forks are made for its preparation. Iced Tea is usually made from the tea plant, but herbal teas are a popular choice. Imagine the variety of flavors available, like mint tea with lime or ginger in India. Best? Peach iced tea, yum.

National Iced Tea Day honors the popular beverage, and more of us should celebrate. This drink is gaining popularity in the U.S. and abroad. This is why manufacturers keep creating new iced tea flavors.

Ideas for National Iced Tea Day celebrations

Celebrating National Iced Tea Day is a great way to sample tasty and unique iced teas. When looking to make the most of this, consider this. There are many ways to celebrate this day properly.

  • Find a free iced tea coupon.
  • Come up with your own recipe
  • Enjoy restaurants' and bars' iced tea flavors.
  • Iced tea popsicles are a great addition to the day
  • To celebrate, host an iced tea party.
  • Iced teas can be made with a splash of liquor if you'd like.

Iced tea comes in so many flavors, and that's its beauty. Take the time to experiment with different flavors and create your own combinations. You can make this an annual tradition to enhance your enjoyment of National Iced Tea Day.

National Iced Tea Day is best celebrated with iced tea. Why choose just one since it's a special occasion? Instead, serve delicious iced teas. Peach Iced Tea, Mango Iced Tea, Ginger Lemon, or a southern sweet tea, there's nothing like it. Try your own mix.


This tasty snack boosts antioxidants.

Tea has 800-1,000% more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Tea's antioxidants help fight disease, say scientists. Green, black, and oolong all come from the same plant and are equally healthy.

Many ways to spice it up.

Iced tea is versatile. You can make iced tea with sugar, cucumber slices, coconut milk, lemon, cinnamon sticks, mango sorbet, or even rum.

Healthy soda alternative.

Unsweetened iced tea is a great soda replacement or healthier alternative. It's naturally low in calories and sugar, helping you lose weight. Warning! Sugar will ruin iced tea.

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