Web design trends change as quickly as fashion trends do. Because of the ease with which they can be used and the positive user experience they offer, some of them stick with you for a long time. Others, though, disagree. And picking which of them will succeed is really not straightforward. There are about a thousand design principles that can transform a good website into an amazing one. They can also assist you in limiting your website ideas to a handful.

In this post, we'll go over some of the most interesting and up-to-date web design trends for 2021, as well as the characteristics of a great website landing page. We hope that this information inspires you to develop beautiful and original designs.

1. Common Typographic designs:

Bold "Sans Serif" fonts have been popular for a long time, and the trend is still going strong on today's websites. On today's websites, we're seeing more hero blocks, in which the main image or video is substituted by visually prominent text. Check out some of the most popular websites to find the perfect example of this, from the brand name to logos to homepage carousels.

If you enjoy this trend and want to include it on your eCommerce landing page, have your web designer include some distinctive fonts and styles on your site. You can also use Google Fonts services to connect your preferred fonts. Simply select a good font, click the connect button, and use it for new or already uploaded texts on the landing page.

2. Snipped photographs and stacked elements

Another prominent web design trend in 2021 is layering items with overlapping and uneven layouts. Staggered grids with partially overlapping items such as text, images, background shapes, and so on are used in this method. This is a more refined version of brutalism, favoring harsh, strong design. This method is becoming more popular because it gives online visitors a dynamic and engaging experience.

Using artistic but message-based photos that appear to break through the frame is a typical layering approach. Because overlapping layers provide the appearance of depth and volume, this style is one of a kind.

This trick works effectively when you want to place several things on a website without overwhelming the overall design of the page.
You can use the fading effect to progressively fade away the parts to confirm you're following the design concept correctly. Drop shadows can also be used to accentuate specific design components.

3. When scrolling there is animation

Web designers are experimenting with various elements in their website designs, and one of them is animations. When scrolling down, dynamic components, for instance, are used to draw visitors' attention to the site design animations. While scrolling down the page, the visitor can observe the movements, effects, and transitions of various items. These animations are not only nice to look at, but they also keep users interested and help them remember the website.


Some of the recent trends may surprise you and sound traditional, but they contain traditional design characteristics. It's all right. It doesn't imply you aren't designing in line with current trends; in fact, you can create your own trends by creating distinctive designs. You can develop stunning webpages for your business even if you don't follow these trends to produce trendy and high-converting landing pages. Please let me know if you find this material useful in creating a website for your company. Leave a comment below!

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