For those looking for a unique vacation experience, cruise ships are an excellent option. If this is your first time on a cruise, you may have wondered if there are any things you should avoid doing.

This article will cover everything from proper cruise etiquette to cruise ship safety tips.

Nothing should be thrown into the water.

Throwing anything overboard is one of the most important things not to do while on a cruise. If it's something flammable, like a lit cigarette, this can be extremely dangerous. Anything thrown overboard has the potential to be blown back and cause injury or fire on the lower deck.

The quickest way to be ejected from a ship is to intentionally throw something overboard. "The brig" isn't a real jail, but cruise ships do have them and captains have a habit of kicking passengers out of their cabins at the next port. This rule is especially important if you have children or teenagers who enjoy playing pranks, so make sure they know about it in advance.

If you must toss something overboard, such as the cremated remains of a loved one, make arrangements with your cruise line in advance. After all, no matter how discreet your ceremony is, Uncle Wilbur is going to end up blowing around the decks rather than out on the water.

No trespassing in crew-only zones!

The cruise line restricts access to certain areas of the ship to crew members only for safety reasons. You won't be able to "accidentally" stumble into one of these areas because they will be clearly marked on the door.

On a cruise ship, do you really want to see some crew-only areas? Take a look at your daily email. Many cruise lines offer free or low-cost guided tours of the ship's facilities.
It's important to keep in mind that cruise line employees who are caught bringing a guest into the crew area without permission are usually fired and forced to disembark at the next port.

Never sit, stand, or climb on rails.

Standing or sitting on the ship's deck or balcony railings is extremely dangerous. On a moving ship, it's easy to fall or lose your balance, despite the fact that it looks like the perfect spot for a selfie.

When a woman climbed onto her ship's balcony to take a picture in 2019, she was removed from the ship and banned for life.
Also, never place children on a railing for support. You could end up in an accident that is completely avoidable if a squirmy child or another passenger bumps into you.

Seats or loungers should not be reserved.

The idea of waking up early and placing towels on your favorite poolside loungers may sound like a good idea. If dinner takes longer than expected, consider skipping dessert and reserving a whole row of seats at a comedy show for the whole family.

Don't bother making seating arrangements in advance. It's a flagrant violation of cruise ship protocol, and other passengers will be enraged by your actions. It's also possible that they'll simply move your belongings and sit there. So be forewarned.

Don't be rude to the crew or the employees.

Even though it's polite to show respect to others, arguing with a member of the ship's crew could land you in hot water. It is important to keep in mind that the captain of a cruise ship is both the arbitrator and the arbiter when it comes to any unruly or disrespectful behavior on board.

For arguing and being rude to a crew member, a man was kicked off a Norwegian cruise ship in 2019.

The fact that you are upset may be because of a legitimate complaint. If you have a problem, don't be afraid to approach a supervisor or the Passenger Services desk and explain your situation calmly and politely.

Playing music too loudly on your balcony is not a good idea.

It's likely you paid a premium for a stateroom with a balcony because you wanted to avoid the crowds. Everyone who had a nearby balcony did the same. Playing music loudly on your patio is a violation of their privacy.

If you plan to spend a lot of time on your balcony listening to music, make sure you bring some high-quality headphones. Your neighbours will thank you.

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