Glass can be melted down and reused indefinitely. Use your empty bottles and jars in your own kitchen instead of throwing them in the trash. Keep reading to find out how to creatively repurpose all kinds of glass bottles and jars.

10 DIY Glass Bottle Crafts

1. Make Your Own Dispenser for Liquid Soap

You may make a custom soap dispenser with any sort of bottle that has a pump attached to it, whether you buy one or save one from an old plastic container. This homemade dispenser would be a thoughtful gift for anyone's birthday or housewarming celebration.

2. Bird Feeders Made From Wine Bottles

Anyone with a little DIY know-how can build this bird feeder out of an old wine bottle, some wood, a few screws, and a length of wire rope. To refill, just untie the rope and draw the bottle out of the holder until it is empty.

3. Sprayer Made Of Glass

Cleansing goods may be stored in empty glass bottles, which is a convenient choice. Simply swap out the spray nozzle on an old plastic bottle for a new glass one and you're set. When it comes to cleaning, spray bottles are a lifesaver, but the plastic they're made of may leach dangerous chemicals into the contents. Fortunately, most spray nozzles can fit glass bottles with twist-off lids that contain vinegar, juice, soda, and other liquids.

4. Holiday Decorations Made with Homemade Materials

A little paint, Epsom salts, and Mod Podge can transform any old glass bottle into a unique Christmas decor piece. It's up to you what you put in them: pine branches, glittering craft plants, or candles.

5. Repurposed Lampshade 

To light up your home the DIY way, head to your local hardware shop and get a glass/tile drill bit and a lamp holder, and you'll be ready to go. This is a project best suited to individuals with some prior DIY expertise and a toolbox to match that experience level.

6. Tiki Torch Made From A Wine Bottle

Make a basic oil lamp out of a bottle if you don't feel secure enough to tackle the project above. You may buy colourful glass gems, wicks, and oil at a craft store for this project. Now all you have to do is add the liquid, build the candle, and ignite it!

7. Canisters with Chalkboard Storage 

All of us want our homes to be tidy and our possessions to be properly labelled and arranged. Reusing glass bottles to make blackboard storage is a simple but effective technique to upcycle waste into something beautiful that can be displayed. A bottle of your choice and a can of chalkboard paint are all you need to get started.

8. Sand Art Made From Recycled Containers

Glass bottles and coloured craft sand can keep your youngsters entertained on a wet day. You don't have to stick to sand for this project, either. Add layers of pebbles, glitter, buttons, and other knick-knacks they find to get their creative juices flowing.

9. Bottle Tree In The Garden

Building an outdoor bottle tree for your yard is an excellent way to repurpose glass bottles. For this project, you may use any bottles you have on hand. To spruce up your garden, just hang them from the branches of a tree or a wooden frame. Bottle trees are traditionally blue, although many people today use a wide range of colours to decorate them.

10. Herb Garden With A Self-Watering System

If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs but lack the room or know-how to grow them in a backyard garden, there is an option for you. You may repurpose old glass bottles into self-watering plants. Use one of these approaches to halve your bottles. A simple windowsill herb garden may be started with just a little piece of screen and a length of strong rope.

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