Now that the seasons are changing, stores like Home Goods, Target, and others are gearing up for those of us who enjoy changing up our decorative throw pillows seasonally or on the spur of the moment.

When I was recently in HomeGoods, I was astounded by how many throw pillows they had in stock. Six double aisles of pretty pillows in every color imaginable that you buy as a set, including the decorative pillow cover and pillow insert.

Some of the pillows have zippers that allow the covers to be removed, while others are sewn shut.

Throw Pillow Covers: Why Should You Use Them?

Adding a new decorative pillow to a sofa, chair, or bed is one of the most simple and low-cost ways to update your decor, but it does have a drawback.

They accumulate to the point where they require their own storage closet! I recently went through my throw pillow collection and gave away over a dozen of them. I did, however, keep all of my pillow covers.

If you have so many decorative throw pillows that they require their own storage closet, it may be time to consider only buying throw pillow "covers" or making new easy-to-make pillow covers to replace your old ones.

I refer to any decorative pillow that isn't used as a sleeping pillow as a throw pillow. I've heard them referred to as toss pillows or accent pillows.

These decorative pillows, whatever you call them, make us happy. Using them is similar to adding jewelry to an outfit. Throw pillows add color and interest to a room, and while we buy them for their aesthetic value, they are also functional.

You can smoosh one to prop your back up, or place one on the floor for your head when you're laying on the floor binge-watching Netflix or napping on the sofa. They're even referred to as adult teddy bears by some.

I had no intention of buying new throw pillows for my white slipcovered sofa in my living room while out shopping at Home Goods because I already have several. I had gone out shopping to look for olive coloured fabric to make covers for my fall decor at JoAnns Fabrics.

It's far too simple at HomeGoods! The above photo shows one of a set of olive green fur pillows that were exactly the colour and texture I was looking for in my fall decorating scheme. The price was lower, and the fabric was of higher quality, than if I had purchased similar fabric and made the pillow covers myself.

This scenario made me wonder why more companies don't sell throw pillow covers and inserts separately... AS THE STANDARD WAY OF SELLING DECORATIVE PILLOWS ALL THE TIME? They'd sell just as well and take up less aisle space at Home Goods

Is it because they're more cost-effective or because that's how they've always been sold that manufacturers won't even consider changing, or do you think there's another reason why there aren't more pretty pillow covers on the market?

Selling more pillow covers instead of buying a new insert and cover would be good not only for the environment, but also for our wallets and storage closets.
If you already have throw pillows or inserts in the size you want, all you have to do now is cover them with a new pillow cover and switch out the covers as the seasons change.

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