The shabby chic kitchen is an informal blend of the practical and the pretty, inspired by actual working farmhouse kitchens from the 18th century.

To achieve a shabby chic-style kitchen, you don't need to live in a large country house with an aga (though that would be nice).

Instead, there are a plethora of ways to transform your kitchen into a rustic retreat: here are some amazing decoration ideas and product suggestions to get you started.

Maintain a neutral base but add color elsewhere

The color palette for shabby chic is usually neutral tones.

This does not, however, imply that everything is beige-beige. Gentle shades of blue, green, or turquoise look great on cabinet or cupboard doors.

Kitchen ware, ornaments, and even flowers can add a splash of light color here and there. On soft furnishings or for the kitchen table cloth, use faded floral, stripes, or gingham.

Make use of tattered furniture

Distressed or white-washed furniture is another hallmark of the shabby chic aesthetic.

When thinking of a farmhouse-style, shabby chic kitchen, a large wooden table in the centre comes to mind.

If your kitchen doesn't have enough space for a large table, antique-looking console tables, which can be used as dressers or even extra work surfaces, are a great alternative.

Worktops made of wood or wood-like materials

Wood and other natural materials are ideal for creating a cottage-style kitchen. Because of their durability (and beauty! ), solid oak kitchen worktops are a popular choice.

Laminate wood-effect tops, on the other hand, can work just as well.

Laminate worktops are less expensive than real wood, and many of them accurately recreate the distressed wood look – saving you time and money!

If you must have solid wood, steer clear of walnut and beech, which are more in keeping with modern kitchen interiors.

Take advantage of freestanding appliances

Modern kitchen designs favor appliances that are built into the cabinets or hidden behind cabinet doors. Mismatched, freestanding appliances, on the other hand, are ideal for a shabby chic kitchen.

Choosing units with legs rather than a baseboard flush with the floor is the best way to achieve this and ensure your kitchen looks chic rather than shabby.

Surprisingly, if all of the kitchen units appear to be freestanding, the overall decor appears to be cleaner. Freestanding units are also less expensive than built-in units.

Open shelves are ideal

In the shabby chic kitchen, the unfitted effect is encouraged. Allowing open shelves is one way to do this well.

This may appear frightening to some because it implies messiness, but done correctly, it can add old-world charm to your kitchen.

Decant dried foods into decorative storage canisters, such as pretty, heart glass jars, and display only crockery with a similar look or that matches the room scheme.

Modern appliances should be kept out of sight.

In addition to the aforementioned point, taking care with what is on display in your kitchen is critical to achieving a chic rather than shabby look.

Displaying electrical appliances (such as blenders, coffee machines, or especially modern-looking microwaves) will detract from the rustic feel.

Show off the rustic crockery on the open shelves while hiding the modern electronics in the cupboards.

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